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POLi Casinos NZ

You’ve likely heard of POLi, a payment method that bridges the gap between your bank and online casinos. Launched by Centricom in 2006, POLi revolutionised digital transactions by ditching conventional credit card systems and opting for direct internet banking. This pivotal move has been a boon for security-conscious players like you.

As you navigate the New Zealand online gambling scene, you’re likely looking for casinos that not only provide thrilling games but also offer secure and fast payment options. POLi, being the optimal choice for players in New Zealand, makes this quest significantly easier. 

Security is a cornerstone of POLi’s appeal. By directly linking your bank account to the casino, you sidestep the risks associated with credit card use. Without the need for a credit card, you’re less likely to make erroneous transactions. Plus, you enjoy enhanced control over your bankroll, crucial for responsible casino games.

Best POLi Casino in New Zealand

If you are looking for the best POLi payment casino, our experts have picked a list of New Zealand casinos that accept this payment method.

In this segment, we jump into the best POLi casinos available, ensuring that your virtual casino games experience is both enjoyable and seamless.

Zodiac Casino – 80 Chances To Win Mega Moolah Jackpot

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Step into the cosmos of Zodiac Casino, where Microgaming slots and table games beckon. Your journey begins with an enticing 80 free spins for a mere 1 NZD deposit. The best part? No POLi fees to worry about, delivering a straightforward and cost-effective casino games venture.

Their efficient POLi deposits ensure you’re never left waiting. The pay-anywhere feature is a testament to their commitment to user convenience, making your casino games experience as smooth as starlight.

New customers only. Minimum deposit is $1. 80 chances are credited to the game Mega Money Wheel. Wagering requirements apply. Full T&Cs apply.T&Cs Apply

SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casino is a premier choice for online casino games fans. Enjoy the seamless transition from their famed Auckland website to the digital realm. Here, your deposits are swift, thanks to the POLi payment system, which makes accessing their extensive library of games an absolute breeze.

Withdrawals are just as impressive, with policies that honour rapid payouts. When you’re keen on immediate play, SkyCity’s POLi system comes in handy, letting you jump into action without delay.

Casino Days

At Casino Days, your days are filled with more than just standard casino fare. With POLi in your financial arsenal, you’re privy to a more than enough of casino games choices without the hassle of complex payment procedures. Here, deposits are a cinch and withdrawal speed keeps pace with their name – you won’t be counting the days for your winnings. It’s all about swift and secure transactions that respect both your time and money.

Neon Vegas

Illuminate your casino games world at Neon Vegas. This casino is where brightness and brilliance meet speedy POLi transactions. They’re not just a flashing marquee; they’re a beacon for players looking for an electrifying array of games paired with effortless payments.

Engage in their neon glow, assured that with POLi, your funds light up your account in no time, letting you jump right into the hottest games on offer.

Rizk Casino

Take a risk with Rizk Casino, a destination where adventure meets the assurance of POLi. Here, the word is ‘speed’ – but never at the expense of security. Captain Rizk ensures your POLi payments zoom through, propelling you into a universe of games where excitement is the only constant.

From slots to live dealers, your gameplay is bolstered by the confidence that your POLi transfers are both nimble and shielded, every single time.

Wildz Casino

Unleash the wild side of casino games at Wildz Casino, where POLi adds a layer of simplicity to your gambling exploits. No more tangled web of payment options; POLi cuts straight to the chase, offering a direct and user-friendly interface.

With their dynamic rewards system, powered by POLi’s swift transactions, you’re always a deposit away from the next round of adrenaline-fueled casino games.

Lucky Nugget Casino

Discover the treasures at Lucky Nugget Casino, where the gold isn’t just in the name but in their commitment to efficient POLi processing. Here, the nuggets of wisdom point to one fact – your bankroll management is in impeccable hands.

Experience casino games gilded with the convenience of POLi, where deposits are as reliable as the nuggets you’re hoping to win!

Club Casino

Enter the refined atmosphere of casino games Club Casino. Pioneer in the online casino industry, they understand the essence of smooth transactions via POLi. Boasting a rich history, casino games Club keeps up with the times by offering the modernity POLi injects into their financial framework.

Prepare for an elegant casino games session as POLi paves a hassle-free path to their classic and contemporary game assortments.

Betway Casino

Align with the big leagues at Betway Casino, where sports and casino casino games converge with the adaptability of POLi. Here, the aim is scoring big not only on the playing field but in your transactions too.

Betway’s embrace of POLi underscores their commitment to providing a winning experience, from the initial deposit to the enjoyment of hitting the jackpot.

Dolly Casino

Encounter a harmonious blend of entertainment and efficiency at Dolly Casino. As a connoisseur of refinement in the casino world, Dolly pairs popular titles with POLi’s expeditious payment solutions.

Get set for a symphony of slots and table games, where POLi conducts the flow of funds with masterful precision, keeping your casino games tempo upbeat.

Casino Kingdom

Embark on a royal quest at Casino Kingdom, where nobility comes in the form of POLi’s quick and secure deposits. Here, peasants and princes alike benefit from the kingly advantages that POLi’s reliability brings to their casino games domain.

Your chivalrous journey is underpinned by POLi, ensuring that your path to the throne of winnings is unobstructed and sovereign.

Rapid Casino

Rapid Casino is where the name of the casino speaks volumes. Your payouts and plays are not just rapid; they’re lightning-fast thanks to POLi. Their Wild West theme is not merely a facade – it’s embedded in their ethos of delivering prompt results both in games and in the cashier.

Saddle up and prepare for a quick draw – with POLi at Rapid Casino, you’re always ahead of the game.

Overview of POLi

POLi acts as a conduit between your bank account and your chosen online casino, promoting a seamless transaction experience. You’ll find no need for registration or software downloads, which positions POLi as a user friendly option.

By simply selecting POLi at the cashier section of your casino, your bank details are used to initiate a direct transfer. The system ensures data protection, as it bypasses the usual requirement of sharing credit card information online.

Benefiting from the direct-to-bank mechanism, POLi enhances the deposit process with rapidity and data security. Adopting this payment method means instant play, as your funds land in your casino account without delay.

Imagine logging onto Wild Pharao Casino; with POLi, you’re ready to spin the reels within moments, a testament to its efficiency.


The advantages of POLi cannot be understated, with the foremost being no transaction fees and instant deposits. NZD support eliminates exchange rate complications for Kiwi online casino games fans. also, POLi’s integration with local banks demonstrates a commitment to regional preferences, respecting the financial habits of users from New Zealand. Bonuses and promotions remain accessible, with casinos like Omni Casino often linking POLi deposits to bonus eligibility.

Within the realm of online payments, the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of POLi set it apart. Ease of use is paramount, as seen in online casinos where POLi is available. Transactions are immediate, allowing you to take advantage of time-sensitive bonuses without the nuisances of long processing times or hidden charges.


Even though its benefits, POLi is not without its limitations. Withdrawal options are notably absent, compelling users to seek alternative methods for cashing out winnings. While wide acceptance across online casinos is notable, POLi is not universally available, with some operators yet to adopt it. also, no mobile application for POLi exists to date, which could hamper on-the-go transactions for a segment of players.

The conundrum of withdrawal unavailability means you’ll need a different payout method, potentially reducing the convenience factor of POLi. Besides, with the absence of a dedicated app, users are constrained to browser-based functionalities, which might not align with the preferences of a mobile-centric user base. This requires weighing the pros and cons before settling on POLi as your primary online casino payment method.

How to Use POLi in NZ Online Casinos

Making a deposit into your favourite NZ online casino using POLi is a straightforward process. If you’ve ever done online banking, you’ll find the procedure familiar. It’s a hit amongst Kiwi gamblers because of its user friendly nature.

POLi Deposit Amounts

POLi’s versatility shows in its ability to handle varied deposit amounts, catering to high rollers and casual players alike. You’re set whether you plan to play big or just want a quick slot session.

Small deposits, like the $1 deposits, are making waves in the NZ gambling scene. These low-entry barriers are ideal for first-timers at POLi casinos, providing an accessible site to start their casino games journey. 

Popular deposit amounts work across the spectrum, ensuring that no one’s left out.

Poli Withdrawals at NZ Casino Sites

It’s key to note that POLi acts primarily as a deposit method. Currently, you can’t withdraw your winnings back through POLi at NZ casinos. Instead, you’ll need to choose an alternative payment option for cashing out.

Casinos typically offer bank transfers or e-wallets to accommodate this need. Always check the casino’s payout policies and have a secondary withdrawal method ready to access your funds smoothly.

POLi Casino Fees

The cost effectiveness of using POLi is one of its main attractions; transaction fees are virtually non-existent. You’re free from the worry of extra charges on deposits at POLi casinos. But, it’s smarter to check if any casino specifics add fees on top. 

While POLi itself doesn’t impose fees, casinos might have different policies. Some might introduce charges for operational costs, so always verify the fee structure before placing bets. Your bank might also Carry out charges for using internet banking services—look into this to avoid surprises.

Choosing A POLi Pay Casino

When it’s time to select a POLi Pay casino in New Zealand, you want to ensure you’re making an in the know choice. Your focus should be on security, customer support, bonuses, game selection, and mobile compatibility.

Security and Licensing

You look for peace of mind when playing online, and security is your top priority. Licensed casinos offering POLi are abundant, but you need to check their credentials. These sites protect your deposits using encryption, and a valid license is a mark of a trustworthy operator. Take Playzilla for instance, with its license from the Malta casino games Authority, it’s an epitome of security.

Licensed operators are also more likely to uphold fair play standards mandated by regulatory bodies, which means a better playing experience for you.

Customer Support

Responsive customer support is a cornerstone of a reputable POLi casino. You expect quick assistance when you hit a snag. An excellent customer support team ensures fewer headaches and more playing time. For instance, casinos that provide 24/7 live chat show they value your time and casino games experience.

Operators who fail to offer robust customer service aren’t worth your effort. Remember, excellent support adds value to your casino experience.

Claiming POLi Casino Welcome Bonus

Who doesn’t love a good bonus? POLi casinos lure players with attractive bonus schemes. Look for sign-up bonuses, free spins, or loyalty rewards that enhance your play. But always read the fine print; wagering requirements should be reasonable.

Bonuses can be a game changer by extending your gameplay or giving you extra chances at the jackpot without additional cost.

Game Selection

Diversity in game selection is pivotal to your entertainment. The best POLi casinos entice with an array of live casino games, classic table games, online pokies, and even online bingo. You seek quality and variety, a mix of classic favourites and the latest sensations.

A dynamic casino games library often reflects the casino’s commitment to its players’ satisfaction.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is non-negotiable. You expect seamless gameplay on your smartphone, with games optimised for on-the-go action. It’s about having the freedom to enjoy your favourite POLi games anytime, anywhere.

Mobile-friendly casinos ensure you don’t miss a beat and keep the excitement in the palm of your hand.

Alternative Payment Options


When POLi isn’t your go-to, PayPal stands as a great alternative. With its trusty security and speedy transactions, PayPal has earned its stripes. In the realm of online casinos, this method’s popularity shines. 

It’s like the trusty old credit card, reimagined for the digital age. Picture yourself hitting the jackpot – PayPal ensures your winnings fly back to you without a hitch.


Neteller approach is a sleek e-Wallet offering agile and safe banking to the casino lovers of NZ. Think of it as a digital pit stop, where fund transfers are as fast as a Formula 1 tyre change. Neteller’s got a knack for making deposits and withdrawals look like child’s play.

Neteller offers gamblers quick payouts and effortless deposits. You’ll find many online casinos accept Neteller, inviting players to cash in their chips with peace of mind.


MuchBetter is where transactions in the online casino games space get a touch of finesse. It’s the new kid on the block that’s making waves with smartphone based payments.

With MuchBetter, reel-spinning and card-flipping at your favourite casino tables are coupled with a payment method that’s as seamless as it is secure. No wonder MuchBetter’s nestled itself neatly in the world of casino transactions.

Visa and Mastercard

Don’t overlook the classic payment cards – Visa and Mastercard. These stalwarts are the cornerstone of many a casino player’s payment portfolio. Trusted globally, these cards have been the unwavering backbone of online betting. Think about it, almost every Kiwi’s wallet hosts one of these mighty cards, ready to channel funds at a moment’s notice.

The ubiquity of Visa and Mastercard in the gambling sector is unmatched. Buffed up with advanced security features, your deposits are as safe as they are straightforward. Whether you’re doubling down in blackjack or taking a spin at the slots, these cards are proven allies in the quest for a royal flush.


With Paysafecard you use pre-paid vouchers, making it a cinch to control your spending. There’s no need to share bank details or personal info; it’s like wearing an invisibility cloak in the digital finance world.

You’ll find Paysafecard at the crossroads of privacy and convenience. It’s tailor-made for those who prefer to keep their banking away from their play. Just snag a card, load it up, and voilà, you’re armed and ready to take on the casino world’s flashing lights and resonating sounds untraceable.


Diving deeper into the digital wallet, let’s not skip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. These are the high-tech pioneers of crypto gambling that have turned the tides in the online betting stratosphere.

You might have seen Bitcoin becoming the gold standard in crypto casinos. With Litecoin not far behind, this duo leads a silent revolution where transactions are not just swift but beyond the reach of pesky transaction fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use PayPal for online casino transactions in New Zealand?

Yes, PayPal is a popular alternative payment method for online casinos in New Zealand. It is known for its secure and fast transactions, providing instant deposits and quick payouts.

What are the benefits of using Neteller in online casinos?

Neteller offers a secure way to transfer money, instant deposits, and often allows for quick withdrawals. It is a widely accepted e-wallet in the online casino industry, offering enhanced privacy for users.

Is it safe to use MuchBetter for casino payments?

MuchBetter is considered a safe payment option for online casinos, utilizing touch ID, dynamic security codes, and encrypted transactions to protect user information and funds.

Are Visa and Mastercard accepted in New Zealand online casinos?

Yes, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in most online casinos in New Zealand, offering reliable and secure deposit and withdrawal options.

How does Paysafecard work for online gambling?

Paysafecard is a prepaid method that allows you to deposit funds into your casino account without the need for a bank account or credit card, providing an additional layer of privacy.

Can I use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to gamble online?

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Litecoin are becoming increasingly accepted in online casinos. They offer anonymity, fast transactions, and often have lower fees.

What is Instant Bank Transfer and is it available for casino payments?

Instant Bank Transfer is a direct bank-to-bank transfer that allows for real-time deposits. Many online casinos in New Zealand support this method for both deposits and withdrawals.


You’ve explored a variety of payment methods that can enhance your online casino games experience. Whether you’re looking for speed, security, or simplicity, there’s an option tailored to your needs. Embrace the convenience of PayPal, the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, or the reliability of credit cards. 

Remember, each method offers its unique advantages, so choose the one that aligns with your preferences for a hassle-free casino experience. Jump into the world of online casino games with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with the knowledge to select the best payment option for you.